Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs


on May 25, 2013

Originally posted May 20, 2013 – 


a) to take something

b) a rude word for a woman’s vagina

c) all of the above

So I guess you are a big C!!!!!  Which not ironically is another rude word for a woman’s vagina and you are now labeled that as well.

So what am I talking about?  I follow many infertility blogs.  I also have registered several blogs in the past.  I also have several emails addresses because usually when you register a blog you need to register an email address.  I try to create an email address that goes with my blog.  Which means just because there is an email address associated to THIS blog does not mean its the only email address I have.  And it certainly does not mean that would be the email address I would use to register if I wanted to follow YOUR blog- duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

For a while now I’ve been following one blog.  When I get the updates the stories always seem familiar to me.  I kinda brushed it off as my mind being confused because I’m always thinking of things to write about.  Today it was just WAY too obvious.  This bitch is baggin my blog!  She’s snatching my stories!  Hers always seem to come a few days or a week after mine.  And there is always something to make it somewhat different but still following my outline.  My beginning, my middle, my end.   She might throw a curve ball in there every now and then.  Occasionally she’s even used some of my terminology.  And anyone who knows me knows I have very unique terminology. 

Its so wrong to steal from someone.  If you like my ideas and feel like you can use the topic, theory or idea go right ahead.  But either give me credit for starting the conversation or at least put your own unique twist on it and do something to make it your own.  You can say, “I came across another blog that was talking about blah, blah, blah and that got me thinking- how do I feel about that?”

I don’t own infertility.  There are plenty of things to talk about but I’m sure they have all been done over and over again.  So we can plagiarize medical facts.  We can kind of plagerize experiences and emotions.  But we can’t plagiarize what we say and how we react to it all.  We can’t be specifically exact in writing because that is plagiary.  Writing what I write and trying to pawn it off as your own- well that’s just wrong.  Its also a DOUBLE snatch because you’re snatching stories about MY snatch!!!!  Shame on you!

Sweet Lord Jesus- if the word snatch shows up in her blog I’m gonna bust a cap in her ass. 

When I was a little there was this girl that did EVERYTHING I did .  She would dress like me, talk like me and act like me.  I HATED IT!!!!  My mom said that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  But that’s bullshit- imitation never seems to have quality attached to it.  Its like imitation crab meat.  It means FAKE.  There is probably not even real crab juice in imitation crab meat.  And imitation leather- that’s just what they use on the couches in porn movies so they can clean up easy.  So I never understood that phrase.  Flattery would be taking my idea and improving upon it and making it better.  Did you ever see Single White Female?  “Flattery” almost got that woman killed.  From then on any roommates that cut and dyed their hair like me found their bags packed when they got home.  So if you want to flatter me- name your kid after me, or adopt a village in Africa on my behalf but please don’t capitalize on my infertility- that just sucks.


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