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The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

Pure Torture

on May 25, 2013

Originally posted Mar 3, 2013 – 

I wish I had some good news to report but I don’t.  However I don’t necessarily have bad news to report either.  We got the call today that was supposed to tell us our embryo is perfect and we could proceed with the transfer.  That’s not the call we got.   We were told to expect our call between 9 am and 11:30 am.  At 11:05 am, on our way back from church, the phone rang.  I wanted to vomit from nerves- actually I’ve been feeling that way since the retrieval.    So, long story short, our embryo is only at the Morula stage.  That is the stage BEFORE Blastocyst.  Blastocyst is the stage that my clinic does the genetic testing and the transfer.  Many other clinics do a transfer at day 2 or 3 but mine waits until day 5 or 6.  Supposedly the longer you wait the better the chance but who knows for sure- there are arguments on both sides.   Personally I feel the ones that are meant to be make it regardless. 

According to the nurse, they cannot do a transfer past tomorrow because then my uterus will not be in sync with the embryo and would reject it.  Don’t forget I’ve been taking all those messy progesterone suppositories 3 times a day so my uterus has been primed to welcome an embryo but only within a certain time frame.  They will give our embryo until tomorrow to make it to Blastocyst.  If it does then they will do the CCS (the chromosome test) and then freeze the embryo.  At that point we will have what is known in the IVF world as a Snow Baby or Frosty.  We will have to wait until I get my next period and then soon after thaw the Snow Baby/Frosty and put it in.  If we make it to freezing I might come up with a different name than Snow Baby or Frosty.  I kinda like Snow Flake but don’t want to jinx it because once snow flakes thaw they are no more.    Maybe Popsicle?  Oh, and because the embryo is not put in right away after the CCS test the nurse told me “we don’t rush the test results so they could take 2-3 weeks”.  Already I’ve become mother hen because I did NOT like our embryo being treated like a 2nd class citizen just because its being forced into the cold.  The test only takes a few hours to get results so I don’t think its fair that we have to wait and stress but its out of our hands.  Another IVF test of patience.

Now we are at the point of MORE waiting and more tests of our faith and our embryo’s strength:

  • we have to hope that the embryo grows to Blastocyst stage by tomorrow
  • if it does then they do the CCS test and freeze the embryo, if it doesn’t then it will become an angel
  • there is a slight chance that when they do the test the embryo will arrest (IVF term for become an angel)
  • if the embryo passes the CCS test then it stays frozen until transfer, if not they destroy it. 
  • the embryo has to survive the freeze, there is a possibility that ice crystals will form during the process which would result in an angel
  • the embryo has to survive the thaw with no cell damage
  • the embryo has to be transferred into me
  • after 2 weeks I will have blood tests to see if implantation has occurred.  If it has then I will be pregnant, if not then we move to the next step of donor egg

Looks like now all we can do is continue to wait and pray.


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