Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

More Sh$% Thrown My Way

on May 25, 2013

Originally posted Mar 9, 2013 – 

You know that saying “shit hit the fan”?  Since when did I become the fan?  Oh yeah, that’s right, it was 9 months ago when we started dealing with IVF!

So the latest saga in the ”I’m Covered in Feces” reality show…

Yesterday, post “Does That Egg Come With A Warranty” blog, I found out that my company is 99% sure they are switching to Cigna as of April 1st.  I could only wish that its a cruel April Fool’s joke but its not.  From what I can see from my panic induced research is that Cigna is great with their IVF coverage BUT they do not cover donor cycles.  Smell that?  Yup that’s the shit.  So, now we are looking at an ADDITIONAL $13,500 for the donor’s IVF cycle with the clinic plus an additional $4,000-$8,000 in medication.  My meds cost $10,000 per cycle so I’m not sure why I was quoted less.  Maybe because the donor will be younger and require less?  I don’t know.  And does it even matter at this point when we will be spending more than twice what we originally expected?

I guess now we have no choice but to cross our fingers and hope we are approved for a bigger loan?  Remember when you were little and your mom said not to cross your eyes or they would stay that way- I wonder if the same applies to fingers?


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