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What Can Brown Do For You?

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Jan 30, 2013 – 

I was supposed to receive my box of shots today.  Mandell’s always emails me a shipping confirmation and sends the box to my office.  I hadn’t received the email so I called this morning to confirm it was shipped.  They said yes, confirmed my work address and gave me a tracking #.  I was looking for the package all day like the kid in The Christmas Story waiting for his secret decoder ring.  By late afternoon I decided to track the package.  The website said “1st attempt made to Ocean, NJ”  UGH!  they shipped it to the house!  Of course nobody is there to sign for it so I immediately panicked.  My appointment is tomorrow and I like to have everything the day before so I can read all the instructions, obsess over it and have all my questions written down for the nurse.  Mandell’s said to go to the UPS hub and pick it up there.  I hope this isn’t a sign of how this cycle will be.  The last cycle we did thru a hurricane via candle light and flash lights with everything in coolers with ice and making trips to several different doctor offices based on who had power.  Clearly that didn’t end well or I wouldn’t be going into cycle #3.

I went to UPS and the truck wasn’t back yet so they said come back in an hour and hopefully it will be there.  Hopefully?  My entire life is based on “hope” right now.  Oddly enough I knew the guy working the counter.  He used to be our UPS delivery guy at my old job.  I only remembered him because he had 1,000 kids.  His Christmas card was on a paper to fit them all.  He wrote down my address and said if he saw the package he would put it aside.  I went back at my “hopeful” time and it was there- nice!  I made small talk with the man with a 1,000 kids.  Turns out he only has 7.  In my book that’s 4 too many because he had to really think hard to tell me their ages.  The small talk turned out to be a good thing.  The package needed to be signed for and it was addressed to M instead of me so technically only M could sign for it.  He asked if M was my husband and I had to admit that he was not and we were just living in sin.  He looked at the address it was shipped from and said “good enough” and let me sign for it.  Either all his kids came via IVF or being a UPS delivery guy for 10 plus years gave him the knowledge of what Mandell’s Pharmacy, huge box with the “keep refrigerated” label really means.  So I signed and left with my package to go home and obsess.

Maybe this was all a sign of something good to come?  Maybe the stress of not having my package when I was supposed to wasn’t the sign.  Maybe the sign really was having a man with 7 kids break the rules so I can have a panoramic Christmas card of my own?  One can only hope.


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