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Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Nov 9, 2012 – 

Hurricane Sandy continues to torment us.  We got our power back on Nov 3rd (late Sat night) but it still wasn’t back on at our doctor’s office in Eatontown.  So Sun, Nov 4th we had to drive to the office in Morristown.  It’s about 1 1/2 hours away but lucky for us they have morning monitoring until 10 am on Sundays so we didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn again or break the curfew.  We got to see our regular doctor so we were very happy about that.  We also lost M’s antibiotic somehow when we lost power so he was able to write us a prescription for it.  I too was running low on injectables.  The other day I was out of needles and had to drive around to find a pharmacy that was open and had them in stock.  I couldn’t even call Mandall’s to order anything.  A lot of the power lines were still down and since people are in desperate need of generators I’ve heard delivery packages being stolen and ripped open to look for generators.  Its a war zone out there still.    I have enough of everything for Sun and Mon and can get a delivery on Tues.  Even if my office doesn’t have power we will be back in to work- 1 week home is enough for me.  Dr. Rybak saw positive growth for 2 follicles- both measured 11 and my Estrogen levels were 282 so they are rising from the 78.6 they were the other day.  That means we are still growing yay!  Continuing with the shots and crossing our fingers!

Tues.  Nov 6th– Yay!  the Eatontown office finally has power in time for us to get more blood work and another ultrasound.  Our follies are doing great- eating their spinach and still growing.  We have one that is 13 and one that is 14.  Estrogen levels are 448 so still growing!  Grow follies grow!  We also voted today.  M was cute- when I asked him where we need to go to vote he said, “the same place our follies will go to school one day”

Thurs. Nov 8th– as if Hurricane Sandy wasn’t enough (and we are STILL not even close to recovering) Mother Nature goes and throws us a blizzard.  We woke up to at least 8 inches of snow.  Any tree limbs that were hanging on for dear life were now down and yup, you guessed it- power was out all around us.  Lucky for us we had power at the house but the Eatontown office was closed AGAIN!  Back to Somerset we go.  Its day 12 of shots and we got to see the sweetheart doctor from the other day.  The results…

2 big fat plump and juicy follicles that measure 18 each!  Those 2 black blobs are the follicles.  Most people get at least 10 follicles but we always knew we wouldn’t get a lot so 2 is a blessing for us and we’ll take whatever we can get- all you really need is 1 good one!  The doctor told us we could probably trigger shot tonight and have the retrieval on Sat.  We all had tears in our eyes- such a huge moment for us to hear that news!  And how cool is it that we can have an ultrasound picture of our follies!  I know most people have ultrasound pics of their babies (and call me pathetic) but I think this is awesome.  Natural Conceivers don’t get to have this.  LOL- I just realized I referred to them with  a label like they were lepers- sorry.

Fingers crossed that our nurse calls us later with trigger instructions.


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