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The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!?

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Jan 28, 2013 – 

Its Monday!  Its raining!  Work sucks!  I’m infertile!  I wish I was home in bed watching some mindless reality TV.  Instead I need to be here working so that I can have insurance and money to provide for the family I don’t have.

“They” say laughter is the best medicine.  I think I’m in need of some medicine and I bet you are too.  Legal Disclaimer: if this medicine works and you get pregnant tonight you must name your child after me!

Finally something more interesting than a stick figure family…

Because they can get pregnant and I can’t…

Apparently standing to pee isn’t the only good thing about being a guy…

Why don’t you just kill me…

Please- stab me in the eye with a fork…

Way to try to make me feel better…

I do this all the time…

Yeah its a carnival…

Dear Mack Truck…


OK, I don’t want any of you to OD on this medicine or pee your pants so that’s enough for you for today.  I’ll try to post more tomorrow.


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