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The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

I Hereby Declare Today a Holiday!

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Feb 3, 2013 – 

I hereby declare today, Feb 3, 2013, a holiday.  Not just because its the Super Bowl but because we got the OK to start our cycle tonight.  I visited the vampires this morning and then got the call from my nurse that my progesterone came in at 3.4.  Tonight I will start taking the estrogen pills (twice a day) and I will get 1 ganirelix shot each night for the next 3 nights.

We are Giants fans so I can care less who wins tonight.  I just find it cool and exciting that we start our cycle on Super Bowl Sunday.  It kinda is like a holiday.  Lots of people come together and eat good food and drink and stay up late so it might as well be a holiday.  Maybe this is another one of those signs I’m looking for?  Maybe I will produce enough follicles to have a football team of our own?  Maybe our son will grow up to be a football legend?  Or maybe our daughter will be a hot cheerleader.  OK, maybe that’s not such a good idea but you get the point.  For our own half time show we will be doing a shot- top that Beyonce!


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