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Hurricanes and Infertility Don’t Mix

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Nov 9, 2012 –
Our 2nd Cycle will definitely go down in our infertility history as being the most memorable- it happened during Hurricane Sandy. 

We started our 2nd cycle on Oct 16th with me taking the estrogen pills twice a day.  I was due to get my period around that time but Aunt Flo was taking her time getting here.  On Oct.  28th my doctor was getting impatient (as were we) so he brought me back in for blood work and ultrasound to see where this period was.  The office was crazy because everyone was rushing to get home to prepare for the hurricane.  The doctor doing the ultrasound was completely distracted and not very friendly.  He gave a few #’s to the nurse and then was ready to walk out.  I asked if he saw any follicles (usually they tell you everything as they see it) and his reply was, “yeah, a few on the left but doesn’t matter how many you have it matters if they grow” and then he walked out.  I was in shock.  I get that the hurricane was coming and people are freaked out but infertility is like a daily hurricane for me.  M and I decided to blow it off (no hurricane pun intended).  Anywho, even though I wasn’t bleeding my hormone levels were great so they decided to start the shots that night.  I was a little nervous starting the shots without my period but was going along with the doctor’s plan.  So we get home and as the winds started picking up they blew in my period- yay!  And then we lost power and that’s where this gets “fun”.  The first thing I panicked about was the $6000 worth of fertility drugs that needed to be kept cold.  I immediately packed the thermal holder in a cooler filled with ice packs.  Thanks to Mandall’s Pharmacy and all the lovely drugs they ship me there is no shortage of ice packs in our house.  The chance of us having a baby being a “shot in the dark” took on a literal meaning.  M had to play mad scientist by flash light and candle light- how romantic.  We had to make sure our cells phones were fulled charged each night so we could use the alarm clock app to wake us up each cold morning to take the shot.  One good thing about having to charge our phones in the car was we could at least get warm for a little while.  We were VERY lucky and survived the hurricane with minimal damage to the exterior of the house but the rest of the Jersey Shore was not so lucky.  We have plenty of friends who lost their homes due to floods and fire.  The entire shore in our area looks like a war zone.  Up and down all the streets people literally have the entire contents of their homes out at the curb- destroyed.  Its cold, dark and damp.  And people are looting.  We have a gas shortage from lack of power and trucks able to deliver it.  I sat in line for over 3 hours to get gas.  It will take a long, long time for us to rebuild but we will and we will be stronger than ever. 

So no power or hot water in our house also meant no power at our doctor’s office.  We were supposed to go back Oct 31st for more blood work and ultrasound but the roads were still covered with fallen trees and power lines.  On Nov. 1st we decided to ignore the mandatory curfew(7pm to 7am) and leave at 5am to go to the Somerset office, which is about an hour away.  I felt totally gross since I hadn’t showered in 4 days but was happy to be there regardless.  The doctor there was a total sweet heart.  She saw some follicles and said they were looking nice.  I told her we cancelled last cycle due t poor response and she said day 8 of shots is way too early to cancel.  She has seen people that haven’t started to respond and grow until day 10 or 12.  This was like music to our ears and exactly what we needed to hear to give us hope. 

I have to give much love and credit to M for putting up with me.  The poor guy was trapped in a house with me, with no power, on my period, taking mood altering fertility drugs and my mom was with us as well.  Our ability to get thru the week without killing each other is a true testament to our strength as a couple!


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