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Hi Ho, Hi Ho Its Off to Menopur We Go!

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Feb 19, 2013 – 

Saturday (2/16) we went for blood work and ultrasound.  The place was PACKED!  They had one of the office assistants drawing blood to help out the vampires who were falling behind.    She’s usually the one who logs in the uterus, ovary and follicle sizes when the doctor measures.  She’s not so great with the pen or the keyboard because she’s always scratching something out because she made a mistake or saying “hang on” to the doctor because she types with one finger.  I’m not sure if she is even qualified, or if you need to be qualified to draw blood?  Well of course I get the assistant- lucky me!  She jabbed the needle into my arm and I couldn’t help but say “ouch”.  I’m a professional pin cushion at this point so I’m usually not phased by it but that sucker hurt.  Then she says to me, “Yeah I used a bigger needle so you could get out of here sooner.”  Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware I was in such a rush.  And even if I was I would not pick pain over an extra 7 seconds in the vampire lounge.  That situation was quickly forgotten about once I got into the exam room.  For those of you not familiar with the exam room I would like to share a picture of my Latin Lover Jose…

Gotta love his little rain coat lol.  Of course M was shaking his head while I was taking this picture.  He said, “What is wrong with you?”  As if he didn’t already know lol.   The doctor and Jose found 4 follicles in my right ovary and 3 follicles in my left ovary.  7 is the most I’ve ever had.  Last cycle we had 3 to start but only 2 at the time of retrieval.  They were both empty so it didn’t matter anyway but 7 to start- WOW- I feel like Snow White.

The nurse called later that day to let me know that my Estrogen was 52 so it was OK to start the shots that night and for M to start his antibiotic.  We had to do 300 units of Follistim (the dreaded pen) and 3 vials of Menopur.  I was a little anxious for the Menopur because that’s new to use and it needs to be mixed but you know how M loves his science projects.  He’s a master at getting every drop of liquid out of each vial.  I think he missed his calling in life.  So I set up the kitchen counter with our drugs, needles, alcohol wipes, sharps container and all our fertility trinkets.  We have Woobie, the silver leaf from Starr and a fertility turtle that my mom gave us.  With all the little trinkets I was confused whether I was doing my shots or going to play bingo.

This is how we like to party on a Saturday night…

The Menopur wasn’t that bad.  It didn’t burn as much as I expected.  So shots have begun and its official- Snow White and Prince Charming are ready for a happy ending with the 7 dwarfs.


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