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Going on an Egg Hunt

on May 24, 2013

Originally posted Nov 9, 2012 – 

Well folks- it looks like Easter is coming early this year.  At 10 pm last night we did our trigger shots and we are all set for retrieval tomorrow (Saturday, Nov 17th) woo-hoo! 

Our trigger was Ovidrel.  They are pre-filled so M was a little disappointed that he didn’t get to play Mad Scientist- he enjoys filling the syringes.  But he did get to play darts- twice!  He equally loves giving me the shots- not giving me pain but I guess he likes to play doctor lol.  We had to take 2 separate shots of Ovidrel.  My nurse warned me it would suck.  It is in the stomach like my other shots but the needle is much thicker.  It really wasn’t that bad- I guess either she’s never experienced it or I’m just getting way too comfortable with needles and pain.  Either way- I got thru it. 

This morning we went for more blood work (surprised I have any blood left) and another ultrasound.  My estrogen is up to 562 so that’s good.   They also wanted to make sure that the Ovidrel did its job and told the ovaries to start releasing the eggs from the follicles.  Well the Ovidrel spoke and my eggs listened- good job little eggies!   

I can’t eat or drink anything after midnight tonight.  We have to be at Morristown hospital at 8:30 am to prep for a 10 am retrieval.  I’m a little nervous about the IV.  Last time their vampires had a  hard time finding a good vein.  And as luck and deja vu would have it my good vein is out of commission again- just like the last time I needed an IV.  M told me the IV should be the least of my worries- um hello- he’s not the one getting poked and prodded and- ugh never mind I will spare you the gory details.  I have to go under anesthesia and the Easter Bunny Doctor will be having a full on egg hunt inside of me- I’m sure that will feel lovely when I wake up.  All he has to do is produce the baby batter.

So this is the timeline for what we will find out and when:

Sat Nov 10th– before we leave the hospital we will know how many eggs were retrieved.

Sun Nov 11th– we will find out how many eggs fertilized.  We are doing ICSI so we will have a better chance of fertilization.  Normally the sperm is placed in a petri dish with the egg and they are “supposed to” fertilize themselves.  M has low morphology (the tail chasers) so with ICSI the lab technicians will select the best sperm they can find and physically place it inside the egg to get a jump start on fertilization.  Its kinda like an arrange marriage lol.

Fri Nov 16th–  at this point the embryos have been growing for 5 days.  We will get a call to tell us how many embryos have made it so far.  Also on this day they will be genetically tested and sampled to make sure they have all the chromosomes required for a healthy baby.  Once the cells are removed for testing all the embryos will be frozen.  The test results take 2 weeks to come back.   The embryos that are OK will remain frozen until we are ready to have them transferred into me.  One cool thing is that we will know the sex of each embryo.  The ones that are not normal will be destroyed.  It is going to be a long ass 3 weeks- must stock up on wine!!!!!!!


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