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Will the Woobie

on May 23, 2013

Originally posted Sep 18, 2012 – 

Meet Will.  Will is our Woobie. 

M and I were trying to figure out a way to make getting the shots not as painful- or if we couldn’t do anything about the pain at least do something to make it less emotionally traumatic for me.   Most babies have a woobie- either a blanket or stuffed animal- that is a source of comfort for them.  When I was little my woobie was a Madame Alexander doll that I called Baby Huggems.  I took that doll everywhere.  My mom would constantly have to add more stuffing to the body.  I remember she got washed one day and I saw her hanging to dry in the garage.  To this day I can remember that image- Baby Huggems hanging from a wire hanger like an old western criminal- the horror! 

We decided I needed a woobie.  Something to squeeze while I was getting my shots.  Something cute and fuzzy that would make me feel better.  And then when we have our baby we will pass the woobie on to be his/her woobie.

We went to Babies R Us figuring they would have the largest woobie selection.  We didn’t care what it was- blanket, stuffed animal, whatever- we just knew we would know when we saw it.  We picked up a few stuffed animals that were kinda cute but nah, not our woobie and then we saw Will.  We knew instantly he was the one.  M said we should name him Will because we are going to “will” this to happen.   I wanted to cry when he said that (in fact I’m pretty sure I did a little).  That is the best meaning for a name ever!  So Will it is- mind over matter, faith over frustration, glass half full all the way!


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