Starting Our Family

The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

Calgon- Take Me Away!

on May 23, 2013

Originally posted Sep 26, 2012 – 

I feel just like the woman in this picture.  I’m exhausted, beat up, worn out.  I haven’t been sleeping very well.  I wake up several times dripping in sweat.  One of the side effects of Lupron is hot flashes.  Well I get them- and its not just a flash of heat- it stays with me for a while.  I also have a hard time getting comfortable at night.  I get little pains and cramps here and there.  Plus we have been getting up earlier than usual so that M can give me my shot before he leaves for work.  I can’t believe I’ve only been on the injectables for 7 days- it feels like an eternity.  Every day I take 7 pills and 4 shots.  I thought it would get easier but its getting harder.  I’m not sure if the drugs are working on my follicles like they are supposed to but they sure as hell are taking their toll on my body.  The shots themselves aren’t too bad but the aftermath sucks.  My stomach is getting black and blue and it is very sore.  Internally I feel like I did 1,000 sit ups.  My skin is also so sensitive.  When I was in the shower this morning it hurt to have the water splash on it.  I think I’m also exhausted from being constantly on guard with my emotions.  Every injectable I’m on has “mood swings and/or depression” listed as a possible side effect.  I’m so conscious of keeping myself in check so I don’t get nasty or lash out at M and I can’t allow myself to burst into tears for no reason at work.  I don’t know- all in all this hasn’t been so bad but I think all of it at once can be trying at times plus being exhausted makes me react to things differently than if I was totally rested and feeling OK.  It kinda feels like I have the flu.  Tomorrow I will find out if this has been worth it so far- fingers crossed!  As bad as I feel nowI would take it a million times worse just to have our family.


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