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Sperm Analysis

on May 22, 2013

Originally posted Aug 3, 2012 –
OK so I’ve been poked and prodded and feel like the whole world has been in my vagina this past week but what about M?  His job in all this is easy- go jerk off lol.  Well, not so easy I’m sure.  I would hate to have to go “leave a sample”- seems a bit embarrasing knowing everyone knows what you’re doing in the room but hey- gotta do what ya gotta do.  He was given the option to do it at home and drop it off but decided to do it at the doctor’s office.  Guess it would be an awkward conversation if you got pulled over for speeding on the way there.

We got the results very quick.  Our nurse called me to explain everything- love this woman!

volume: average- 1.5; M’s is- 4.5 (great)

sperm per ml: average- 15m; M’s is 87m (great)

motility (movement): average- 32%; M’s is 64%

So far its looking like he has super sperm- yay!  But here’s the last test…

morphology (shape): average- 4%; M’s is 1% (not good)

Morphology is one of the most important tests for sperm.  If the shape is not good the sperm will not be able to find the egg.  Basically his guys are chasing their tales and all confused.  But the good part is, the sperm is still viable it will just need help finding its way.  I guess dizzy sperm is better than no sperm. 

Between my low egg count and M’s confused sperm our doctor does not think IUI will work and we should go right to IVF.  IUI is when they take his sperm and inject it into me hoping it will find its way.  IVF is when they remove your egg, insert his sperm, mix it in a petri dish and let it grow for a few days and then put it back into you.  My insurance typically requires 2 IUI’s before they will approve IVF but our doctor thinks he can make a strong enough arguement to insurance to skip the IUI and start with IVF.  I’m sure my insurance company would appreciate not wasting money on something that isn’t going to work so- fingers crossed!


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