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Saline Test

on May 22, 2013

Originally posted Aug 3, 2012 – 

On June 29 (yes only 2 days after the painfell dye test) I went for my saline test (saline sonohysterography).  I was promised this would be way less painful but I was still nervous.  Luckily again my doctor’s office is amazing with their morning hours for all tests.  I was able to get this test done in his office at the lovely hour of 6 am- ugh- but didn’t have to stress about being late for work.  For this test I had to lay on the table (once again legs in stirrups)- I’m starting to be a pro at this lol.  I’m also starting to become close friends with the vaginal ultrasound equipment.  Its a “wand” that looks like a dildo with a condom on it (the condom part cracks me up!)  The doctor puts the wand inside of you and then inserts the same type of spaghetti looking tube in as well (bet you never want to eat spaghetti again).  Once everything is in he attaches a syringe to the tube and squirts saline in.  The first time he tried, thanks to my stupid cervix, he realized he wasn’t in far enough and had to try with a different size tube and more saline.  Eventually he got enough in and you could see my uterus appear on the ultrasound screen.  He found 3 polyps- similiar to the picture above but that’s not of me- just posted for a visual.  His recommendation is to have them surgically removed.  Polyps typically won’t prevent you from getting pregnant but they (99.8% of the time) will cause you to miscarry since the embryo doesn’t have a place to settle and mature.  So it looks like I’m headed for surgery.  I’m so glad my doctor is thorough and did this test.  He said most doctors don’t unless someone continually miscarries.  None of my friends that are currently going thru or went thru fertility treatments had this- they all had the dye test though.  So this test was a little crampy but a walk in the park compared to my dye test.  Once again, as soon as I stood up all the saline gushed out but this time I was prepared with a towel- and granny panties


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