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My Polyp Surgery

on May 22, 2013

Originally posted Aug 23, 2012 –

I had my polyp surgery on Aug. 6th.  I was freaking out the night before and the whole morning.  M and my mom took me to the hospital which is about an hour away.  My doctor doesn’t have privileges at our local hospital and we would rather travel and have him do the surgery than do it locally with a different doctor.  The thing that I had the most anxiety over was the IV.  Its ironic that I’m afraid of shots because I have a huge tattoo on my back and a few others on my stomach and had no problem getting them.  I knew shortly after my IV I would be asleep so I didn’t care what happened after it was in.  I asked them to put me in a “happy” room for my prep so they put me in a children’s room that was painted yellow with animals on the walls.  What could be happier than butterflies and monkeys lol.  They wouldn’t let M come see me until I was all prepped and had the IV.  The nurse had the worst time getting the IV into me.  She tried 3 times in my right arm, once in my right hand, twice in my left arm and then finally got it in my left hand.  By this time I was in pain and totally freaking out.  I stayed strong until I saw M walking in and then totally lost it.  I’m not usually a sissy about things but I feel like I’m more emotional with any procedure related to having a baby.  I’m just so emotionally wrapped up in it that I can’t control my reactions to things sometimes.  M kept hugging and kissing me and telling me everything would be OK and to keep reminding myself what the outcome will eventually be- our baby.  The last thing I remember was M kissing me and saying good luck and then the nurses wheeling me down the hall into the operating room.  Someone said “damn its cold in here” and then next thing I knew I woke up.  I woke up easy and pain free.  I had a blister on my lip from the breathing tube but other than that being annoying I felt fine.  They brought M and my mom in to see me.  M said that while I was in recovery our doctor spoke with him and my mom.  Apparently my surgery lasted almost twice as long as originally expected and my polyps were more extensive than he thought.  While he was in there he was able to do a D&C and clean me out so I might not get my period this month.  I wasn’t in recovery very long they just made me pee, gave me a percocet and let me go home.  I had to wear a sexy diaper in case I started bleeding, which was expected.  They also gave me a prescription for a pain killer in case I needed it.  We went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription and get some maxi pads and then went home to be on the couch for the rest of the day.  I didn’t have any pain all night and got minimal spotting.  The next day I felt totally fine but my the doctor insisted I stay home to rest.  So far the surgery seems a success and I hope this is a good sign of things to come.


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