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My Cycle Schedule

on May 22, 2013

Originally posted Aug 23, 2012 – 

I received the email from my nurse with what my cycle schedule will be.  I can’t start anything until I get my period.  Its funny- years ago I couldn’t wait to get my period every month.  Then when we started trying to have a baby I would get upset when I got my period and now, once again, I’m back to wanting my period lol.  I feel frustrated and on edge and just want it to come now!  I want to start this already!  The waiting is torture for me. 

 My Schedule will be:

-get my period

-take birth control pill for 12 days
-go in 3 days after stopping the pill for blood work and ultrasound (morning monitoring hours 6-7:30am M-F, 6-8am on weekends)
-if all looks good plan to start injections that night, which would make egg retrieval about 10-14 days later.

She said if I don’t get my period by Sept 4 to come in morning of 9/5 for blood work/ultrasound to see what the delay is.  She said to wait until we get a little closer to order the medications because some of them have a short expiration window.  I will be taking the following injections but I’m not sure how much, how often or in what order.

-Microflare Lupron

-Follistim pen

-low dose HCG


My schedule might differ from others because I’m not doing the transfer immediately after the retrieval. 

She also recommended some over the counter supplements. There are some studies showing they could help with egg recruitment during cycles for some women. Since they are only over the counter they do recommend trying them.  She said it can take a while to work, if at all, so to start taking them right away. 
-Micronized DHEA 25mg, 3 times a day (75mg total a day).  She warned this specific supplement is hard to find so I ordered it online. 

-CoQ10 300mg twice a day (total 600mg a day).  I was able to get this one in my pharmacy. 

I also received my username and password to start my online training.  I have to complete the training and then take an assessment test at the end so they know I’ve read everything and watched all the videos.  As if IVF wasn’t filling me with enough stress and anxiety now I have to take a test?  If I fail does that mean I’m not fit to me a mother?  Crap- guess I better go study!


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