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Dye Test (HSG)

on May 22, 2013
Originally posted Aug 3, 2012 – 
June 27th I went for my dye test (HSG- hysterosalpingogram).  This had to be done between the 6th and 10th day of my period.  I have the saline test scheduled for a few days later.  They had me start taking an antibiotic a few days ago to prevent an infection from this or the saline test.  I had to go to the hospital to get it done.  I was so nervous but M came with me.  I had to go into a x-ray room and lay down with my legs in stirrups like at the gyno.  They take this long thin tube that looks like spaghetti and put it into your vagina, thru the cervix and into the uterus and tubes.  I had part of my cervix removed years ago so I have a ton of scar tissue there.  Because of this is took forever to get the tube past my cervix.  It should have only taken a minute but it took almost 10.  I’m not going to lie- it was painful- severe cramps.  Once they were thru and shot the dye into me it was fine and over quickly.  I watched the whole thing on the ultrasound screen- it was pretty cool.  Everything passed thru so my tubes are clear- yay!  As soon as I stood up the dye came pouring out- like and idiot I wore a thong- note to self- wear granny panties when having fluid squirted into you.  I was cramping REALLY bad that night but made it thru ok- had to wear a pad for a few days because I was bleeding- not fun

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