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The reality of infertility, IVF and donor eggs

A Wrench In Our Timeline

on May 22, 2013

Originally posted Aug 22, 2012 –

When we went for our pre-op appointment for the polyp surgery our doctor gave us disappointing news.  Since we would like to have a second child down the line he recommended that we “bank” embryos for 3 cycles before we try a transfer.  Banking means I would take the fertility drugs for a cycle, retrieve the eggs, fertilize them, let them mature for 5 days, do the CCS (chromosome screening test) and then freeze any viable embryos.  We would do this for 3 cycles and then transfer 1 embryo.  If implantation (IVF lingo for pregnancy) didn’t work on the 1st transfer we would keep trying until it did (or until the bank is empty- embryo, emotional, mental, physical and financial).  Our doctor feels this is the best chance for us to have a second child down the line.  Since my egg quantity is low now it will only be lower or non-existent in the future.   Plus having a hopefully large “nest” of frozen embryos is helpful if we have to do multiple transfers before an implantation occurs.  He suggested 3 cycles regardless of how many embryos resulted from each cycle.  My insurance will pay for unlimited transfers but only 4 retrievals in a lifetime.  The retrievals do not necessarily need to be from me.  They will pay for someone else to take the fertility drugs, retrieve their eggs, fertilize them with M’s sperm and then transfer into me.  Pretty cool right.  So the idea is for me to use 3 of the 4 allotted retrievals and then leave the 4th for a donor if God forbid that is needed down the line.  Clearly this plan makes the most sense for the long term but we were sad and disappointed that it will take longer to do the first transfer.  We were hoping to do a cycle and a transfer as soon as I recovered from surgery.  Now we will have to wait anywhere from 3 to 7 months to do a transfer.  Ideally we can do 3 cycles 3 months in a row but our doctor said every woman’s body reacts differently to the fertility drugs.  Sometimes your body can “overheat” and need some time to cool down.  If I fall into this category then we would have to do a cycle every other month. So its not the end of the world just disappointing to have to delay parenthood even further- we’ve already delayed it 39 years.  One thing I know for sure, this whole IVF process is going to make us masters of patience- which will come in handy when we are parents.


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